Compositional Structures in Probabilistic Modeling (CSPM)


The scope of the seminar encompasses compositional structures such as, but not limited to, graphs, hypergraphs, posets, and their representations (functors, sheaves) but also operads and their use for and interaction with probabilistic modeling, for example, in machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement learning, multi-agent systems, games, etc. The aim of the seminar is to stay updated on novel findings around modeling, theoretical developments, and algorithms for compositional structures in probabilistic modeling.

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  1. Date: April 5, 2024
    Time: 4:00 PM (Paris time)
    Topic: Sheaves in data science
    Speaker: Gregoire Sergeant-Perthuis (Sorbonne Universite)
    Where: salle 15-16-411, IMJ-PRG, Sorbonne Université, 4 Place Jussieu
    Video of the session

  2. Date: 29 May, 2024
    Time: 6:00 PM (Paris time)
    Topic: Active Inference in String Diagrams
    Speakers: Sean Tull (Quantinuum)
    Where: Room 1516-4-11, IMJ-PRG, Sorbonne Université, 4 Place Jussieu


  • Gregoire Sergeant-Perthuis (Sorbonne Universite)